Ibn al-Qayyim on Being Content

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Ibn al-Qayyim said, “Contentment is the paradise of this world.”

Fawaaidul-Fawaaid, p. 172.

Shaikh Fawzaan Asked About the Ruling on Entering Mosques with Mobile Phones that have Ringtones, Pictures and Music?

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Questioner: What is the ruling about entering a mosque with mobile phones that have ringtones, pictures and music?

Al-Fawzaan: That is not allowed, not in a mosque or elsewhere, but [doing so] is even more severe in a mosque, because it is obligatory to respect it, it is a place of worship and remembrance of Allaah سبحانه وتعالى, [a place of] prayer and recitation of the Quraan, and the Angels and Muslims assemble in it. So these wrong actions [munkaraat] are not permitted in it, not the ringtones, not the music and nor the pictures.

Al-Farq Bainan-Naseehah wat-Tajreeh, p. 39.

The Muhaddith of Yemen, Shaikh Muqbil, on Whether The Friday Bath [Ghusl] is Obligatory for a Woman

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Questioner: Whether she prays at home or in the mosque, is the Friday bath [ghusl] obligatory for a woman?

The Muhaddith of Yemen, The Allaamah, Shaikh Muqbil ibn Haadi al-Waadi’ee [d. 2001], may Allaah have mercy on him, replied, “What is apparent is that it is obligatory [waajib], because it has been reported in the Saheeh [Bukhaari no. 858 and Muslim that the Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم] said, “Ghusl (taking a bath) on Friday is compulsory for every Muslim reaching the age of puberty,” and it has also been reported that, “It is a right upon the Muslims that they should take a bath every week …” or something with that meaning [i.e., the Shaikh is quoting from memory so he is saying maybe the exact wording of the hadith is different; here is the wording from Bukhaari which the Shaikh was referring to, “It is Allaah’s right on every Muslim that he should take a bath (at least) once in seven days,” no. 898].”

Ghaaratul-Ashritah ‘alaa Ahlil-Jahl was-Safsatah, vol. 2, p. 500.

Uthaimeen on How to Submit to Allaah’s Commands

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Shaikh Uthaimeen, may Allaah have mercy on him, said, “Good manners with Allaah is that you receive His Legislative Judgements with contentment and submission, that you have no discomfort towards them and that you are not fed up with them.  So when Allaah, the Most High, orders you to pray, to give zakaah, to fast and other such things, then you accept that with an open heart [lit. expanded breast].”

Sharh al-Arba’een an-Nawawiyyah, p. 324.

Ibn al-Qayyim on the Aayah, “… and We Made for Him Light by Which to Walk Among the People …”

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“And is one who was dead and We gave him life and made for him light by which to walk among the people like one who is in darkness, never to emerge therefrom?[An’aam 6:122]

Ibn al-Qayyim said, “His Saying, “… and We made for him light by which to walk among the people …” encompasses a number of issues.

One of them is that he walks among the people with light while they are in darkness, so his example and theirs is like that of a people whom the night encompassed and who became lost and who could not find the way, and the other has light with which he walks along the path and sees it and sees what he should be wary of.

The second is that he walks among them with his light, and so they take from him due to their need of light.

The third is that he walks with his light on the Day of Resurrection over the Siraat [bridge] when the people of polytheism [shirk] and hypocrisy remain in the darkness of their polytheism and hypocrisy.”

Fawaa’idul-Fawaa’id, p. 159.

More Reward if You Lengthen the Sunnah of Fajr or Keep them Short?

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Shaikh Uthaimeen, may Allaah have mercy on him said, “Conforming to the Sunnah is better than an abundance of actions: [so] if, for example, someone were to say, ‘I want to lengthen the two Sunnah rak’ahs of the Fajr prayer due to the excellence of that time and to increase [my] actions.’  We would say to him, ‘You are not correct, because the Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم used to keep them short.’”

Fataawa fit-Tahaarah was-Salaah, vol. 1, p. 172.

Uthaimeen on Those Who Add Acts of Worship to the Religion Which Allaah has Not Legislated

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Shaikh Uthaimeen, may Allaah have mercy on him said, “Worship is not taken except from the revelation given to the Prophets by Allaah and for this reason Allaah criticised those other than Himself who legislate [things to be a part of worship] and [He] made that a type of shirk, saying, “Or have they partners who have ordained for them a religion to which Allaah has not consented?”[Ash-Shuraa 42:21]

Majaalis Shahr Ramadaan, p. 11.

Uthaimeen on Celebrating the Prophet’s Birthday

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Shaikh Uthaimeen, may Allaah have mercy on him said, “Taking the night of the [Prophet’s] birthday [صلى الله عليه وسلم] as a celebration [eed], repeated every year in which the virtues of the Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم are mentioned and [differing] characteristics and forms of salaah are innovated [is something which] is not from his guidance, nor his sharee’ah, nor the guidance of his Companions–and this innovation is an abominable act [munkar] which it is obligatory upon the Muslims to be on their guard against and to be distant from.”

Fataawaa Nurun ala-Darb, CD.

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