’Uthaimeen on Opening One’s Fast with an Odd Number of Dates

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Shaikh ’Uthaimeen was asked, “I’ve heard that when opening his fast, a person must do so with an odd number of dates, i.e., five or seven and so on, so is that obligatory?”

He replied, “It is not obligatory, in fact it is not even Sunnah for a person to break his fast with an odd number of dates like three or five or seven or nine except for the day of Eed al-Fitr, for it has been established that the Prophet ﷺ would not go to the prayer on the day of Eed al-Fitr until he had eaten an odd number of dates. The Prophet ﷺ would not purposefully intend to eat an odd number of dates in other situations.”

Nurun ’alad-Darb, 354.

Al-Fawzaan on Loaded Questions

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Al-Fawzaan: Some brothers, may Allaah forgive them, develop a grudge against someone, or hatred towards a student of knowledge or a scholar, so they will ask you a question which you [accordingly] answer—an answer which they then go and apply to that person, they go and apply it to that person and that you meant him [when you answered], so they will say, ‘So and so [i.e., the scholar] said such and such about so and so!’

[But when you [i.e., the scholar] were answering that question] neither ‘so and so’ nor ‘so and so’ or ‘so and so’ [even] came to your mind, you only answered a question.

They apply it like that and say, ‘He meant so and so! He meant such and such a group!’ And they dub the sound and write books [based on that], saying that, ‘Such and such [a scholar] said this and that about so and so and answered the question about such and such.’

Their intention behind that is to cause trouble between people and sow dissent among the students of knowledge and cause enmity between them.

So we warn them and ask Allaah to grant you refuge from this trait … that you are not deceived or fooled by it!

Be on your utmost guard against it.

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