Amazing Quraan Memorisation App

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Here is an amazing app to help with memorising the Qur’aan.

  • Click on a blank space to have its corresponding word appear temporarily.
  • Click on the verse number symbol to have it appear in full, click again to hide it.
  • Click on the + symbol at the bottom of the page to have the verses appear one by one in order, click on the verse number to hide them.
  • Swipe over a number of words/verses at any one time to have them all appear temporarily.
  • Click on a word two times to have it highlighted in a different colour, in order to help remember where memorisation is weak.
  • Click on the name of a Surah, or Juzz, or page number to go there.

You can find it here.

The Emptiest Houses …

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Shaikh Abdur-Razzaaq al-Badr, said, “Abdullah ibn Mas’ood, may Allaah be pleased with him, said, ‘The emptiest houses are the ones most void of the Book of Allaah,’ [Musannaf Ibn Abi Shaibah, 30024], i.e., the houses having the least amount of good and blessings in them are the ones where the Book of Allaah is not recited, which is something which wipes out the blessings of a house and draws the devils to it.”


Abu Mu’aawiyah al-Aswad

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Imaam adh-Dhahabi said, “Abu Mu’aawiyah al-Aswad: one of the great Awliyaa of Allaah, he accompanied Sufyaan ath-Thawree, Ibrahim Ibn Adham and others, and it was said that he went blind but that when he wanted to recite the Quraan he would then, with Allaah’s permission, be able to see the mushaf.”

Siyaar A’lam an-Nubalaa, vol. 9, p. 78.

Sulaim Ibn Itr

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Ibn Kathir said, “And one of the most extraordinary things is what Abu Ubaid related from Sa’eed Ibn Ufair from Bakr Ibn Mudar, [which was that] Sulaim ibn Itr At-Tujini would finish reciting the entire Quraan three times in one night and would also have marital relations with his wife three times in the same night.

When he passed away, his wife said, ‘May Allaah have mercy on you. You used to please your Lord and satisfy your family.’ She was asked, ‘How so?’ She replied:

‘He would stand to pray in the night and then finish the entire Quraan, then he would have marital relations with his wife and then perform ghusl. Then he would go back and recite until he finished the entire Quraan, then he would have marital relations with his wife and then perform ghusl. Then [again] he would go back and recite until he finished the entire Quraan, and then have marital relations with his wife, then perform ghusl and leave for the morning prayer.’

I [Ibn Kathir] say: Sulaim ibn Itr was a most distinct taabi’i, trustworthy and noble. He was a Qadi in Egypt during the reign of Mu’awiyah … Abu Haatim said that he narrated from [the Companion] Abud-Dardaa … and Ka’b Ibn Alqamah said, “Sulaim ibn Itr was one of the best of the Taabi’een.’”

Tafseer Ibn Kathir, vol. 1, p. 81.

Memorising the Quraan will Be Difficult Unless …

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Shaikh Muhammad Atiyyah Saalim said, “And I heard the Shaikh [i.e., Shaikh Muhammad al-Ameen al-Mukhtaar ash-Shinqiti, author of the tafseer, ‘Adwaaul-Bayaan’], may Allaah have mercy on us and him, make the following statement, ‘The Quraan will not become firmly established in one’s chest, nor will memorising it become easy, and neither understanding it, except by standing in prayer with it in the depth of the night,’ and he, may Allaah have mercy on him, would not leave his set portion of recitation during the night whether in summer or winter.’”

Tatimmah Adwaa’ul-Bayaan fi Eedaah al-Quraan bil-Quraan, p. 613.

A Sister Asking Ibn Baaz for Advice Concerning Finding the Quraan Difficult to Memorise

November 27, 2015 § 1 Comment

Host: Her last question which we put to you, she says, “I want to memorise the noble Quraan but I find it difficult, what advice and guidance do you have for me about this?”

Ibn Baaz: I advise you to seek Allaah’s Aid, and to humbly beseech Him by asking Him in sajdah and at the end of the tahayyaat [in the prayer], or at night, or at the end of the night, during the middle of the night, you ask Him سبحانه وتعالى to help you memorise it—being truthful and humble—[saying], “O Lord! Help me to memorise your Mighty Book! O Allaah! Help me to memorise it! O Allaah! Make it easy for me to memorise it!” And along with that honest du’aa you strive to do [the necessary] actions, you strive to memorise at the appropriate times which you are free in during the day and night.

You start with al-Baqarah or the mufassal surahs, and you read what you are able to every day, even if it is only a little—you read every day even if it is only a little—and you strive to study it, you repeat it until it becomes firmly established, carrying on like that until you finish it, inshaa Allaah.

Aspire to seek out the appropriate times during the night or day when your heart is not preoccupied, organising it bit by bit, a half, an eighth, an eighth, a page every day, two pages, whatever you are able with honesty and a with desire for what Allaah has, and while asking Allaah to grant you success and help you, [if you do that then] rejoice at the good [that will come your way], Allaah سبحانه وتعالى says, “And whoever fears Allah, He will make a way for him to get out (of every difficulty),” [Talaaq 2], “And whoever fears Allah, He will make a way for him to get out (of every difficulty). And He will provide for him from (sources) he never could imagine,” [Talaaq 2-3], so He سبحانه وتعالى is with His Allies by making things easy for them, making them correct, granting them success and helping them.

May Allaah make your situation easy for you, and may He help you and make both me and you and all the Muslims firm upon the truth and guidance.

A Sister Asking Ibn Baaz About Playing the Quran While Sleeping Due to Being Scared or Frightened

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Host: A sister who has a question, she says that I feel scared and frightened sometimes when I sleep alone in my room and so I’m forced to play the Quraan in order to sleep while listening to its verses, is this allowed?

Ibn Baaz: I do not see any harm in that, because the Quraan is what the believer feels at ease with and it is the remembrance of Allaah عز وجل and thus listening to it is worship, so if a person needs to listen to it in order not to feel lonely and so that his heart can be at ease, then there is no harm in that and all praise is due to Allaah.

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