Ibn Baaz, the Cadillac, the Mercedes, the Ford, the Buick and the Caprice …

February 8, 2014 § 1 Comment

“The time for the car that was accorded to him and people like him by the government had expired and they wanted to change it to something newer.

So Ibn Baaz said, ‘What’s wrong with this one?’

He was told that its time had expired and so, ‘What would you like instead, Eminent Shaikh?’

‘What types of car are available?’ he asked.

So they mentioned a Cadillac, Mercedes, Ford, Buick and others.

He said, ‘And the Caprice?’

They said, ‘It doesn’t befit your rank.’

He replied, ‘Why? Isn’t the grave one [and the same for everyone]?’”

Jawaanib min Seeratil-Imaam ’Abdul-’Aziz Ibn Baaz, p. 128.

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