On Overeating and Being Fat and Obese | No. 3: Stop Eating While You Still Want to Eat More, Not Until You’re Stuffed And Ready to Burst

December 20, 2015 § Leave a comment

’Abdul-Waahid ibn Ziyaad said, “I heard Malik [ibn Deenaar] saying to Hawshab:

‘O Abaa Bishr! Take two things from me: don’t go to sleep at night while you’re full, and stop eating while you still want [to eat more of] the food.’

So Hawshab said to him, ‘O Abaa Yahya, this is the prescription of the doctors of this world.’

While both of these were talking Muhammad ibn Waasi’ was listening, so he then said, ‘Yes, and it is [also] the prescription given as the way of the people of the Hereafter.’

Upon which Maalik said, ‘Excellent! Excellent! The Hereafter and this world.’”

A-Joo’, p. 56.

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