I Don’t Know

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Ibn al-Qayyim said, “ʿUqbah ibn Muslim said, ‘I was with Ibn ʿUmar for thirty-four months, when asked a question he would very often say, ‘I don’t know.’’ And Saʿīd ibn al-Musayyib would hardly give a fatwā or say something without adding, ‘O Allah, save me, and save them from me.’”
Iʿlāmul-Muwaqqiʿīn, 6/134.

A Bridge to Hell

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“Uqbah bin Muslim said, ‘I accompanied Ibn ʿUmar for thirty-four months and lots of times when asked a question he would say, “I don’t know,’ and then he would turn to me and say, ‘Do you know what these people want? They want to make our backs a bridge to Hell.’”

[Ṣaḥīḥ | Authentic] | Taʿẓīm al-Futyā of Ibn al-Jawzī, pp. 85-86.

On Overeating and Being Fat and Obese | No. 10: Ibn Umar’s Wife, Safiyyah, Talking About His Eating Habits

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Ibn ’Umar’s wife, Safiyyah bint Abi ’Ubaid, said, “I can’t say I saw him eat his fill because I never saw him eat until he was full. So when I saw that that was the case I made him something—he used to have two orphans and so he called them and they ate with him. When they got up, I went and brought him something [else to eat], so he said, ‘Call so and so and so and so [i.e., the orphans],’ so I said, ‘They’ve gone to sleep and you’ve already given them their fill.’ So he said, ‘Call some of the People of As-Suffah for me.’ So some poor people were called and ate with him.”

Al-Joo’, p. 58.

For No. 9, see here.

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