An Abandoned Sunnah: Seeking A Cure By Placing One’s Saliva and Some Earth on One’s Finger and Saying the Following

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Aaishah رضي الله عنها narrated that Allaah’s Messenger used to read in his ruqya:

بِسْمِ اللَّهِ
تُرْبَةُ أَرْضِنَا‏ ورِيقَةُ بَعْضِنَا، يُشْفَى سَقِيمُنَا بِإِذْنِ رَبِّنَا

Turbatu ʾArdinā, wa rīqatu badinā, yushfā saqīmunā, biʾidhni Rabbinā.

“In the Name of Allaah.
The earth of our land and the saliva of some of us cure our patient
with the permission of our Lord.”

[Al-Bukhaari, The Book of Medicine, nos. 5745 and 5746.]

An-Nawawi said, “The meaning of the hadith is that he took some of his own saliva on his index finger then placed it on the earth so that some of it stuck to it and then wiped it on the ailing or injured area whilst saying the above words as he wiped.” [Fathul-Baari, vol. 10, p. 208.]

Shaikh ’Uthaimeen, may Allaah have mercy on him, said, “… specifying ‘the earth’ [mentioned in the narration] to be that of Medinah or the ‘some of us’ to be referring specifically to the Prophet as Ibn Hajr said is something disputable, what is apparent is that this is something general and Allaah سبحانه وتعالى may place a cure in such things.” [Source.]

And the The Permanent Committee for Scholarly Research and Ifta’, at the head of whom was Ibn Baaz, confirmed that the hadith is general and not specific to Medina or the Prophet , see here.

What is العافية [well-being]?

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’Abdullah ibn ’Umar, may Allaah be pleased with him, said, “The Messenger of Allaah  never abandoned these supplications every morning and evening, ‘O Allaah!  I ask You for forgiveness and well-being [العافية] in this world and in the Hereafter.  O Allaah!  I ask You for forgiveness and well-being [العافية] in my religious and my worldly affairs …'” [Saheeh Ibn Maajah, no. 3121]

Shaikh ’Abdur-Razzaaq ibn ’Abdul-Muhsin al-’Abbaad, al-Badr, said, “العافية [well-being] is Allaah’s provision of safety for His servant from every act of vengeance and every affliction, by diverting evil away from him, and by sheltering him from tribulations and illnesses, and protecting him from all types of evil and sins.”

Fiqhul-Ad’iyah wal-Adhkaar, p. 503.

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