Imaam Si’dee and the Camel-Driver’s Pack of Cigarettes

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“When the people of ’Unaizah bought firewood, the camel-driver would bring it inside the house and after he’d finished the household he brought it to would leave some water and dates for him. Upon eating and drinking, the camel-driver would close the house’s door firmly intending thereby to let them know that he had left. One time the Shaikh رحمه الله [i.e., Imaam Si’dee, who was ’Uthaimeen’s teacher] bought some firewood and when the camel-driver left, our father [Imaam Si’dee] came out intending to close the door behind him.

On his way to the door, the Shaikh found a pack of cigarettes in the courtyard which the camel-driver had dropped, so he took the pack, opened the door and called him, saying, ‘Is this yours?’

After some hesitation the camel-driver replied, ‘Yes, it’s mine. But, O Shaikh, do you know what’s inside it?’

The Shaikh said, “Yes, cigarettes.’

‘And you’re giving them to me, O Shaikh?’ said the camel-driver.

‘Yes, because if you don’t find this pack you’ll go and buy another one with the money you made by selling that firewood and you will then cause your children to go hungry and prevent them from getting some sustenance—and Allaah سبحانه is the One who guides.’

So the camel-driver said, ‘Bismillaah …,’ took the pack and threw out the cigarettes that were inside, saying ‘O Allaah! I turn in repentance to You and I will never smoke again.’”

Mawaaqif Ijtimaa’iyah min Hayaatish-Shaikh, al-’Allaamah ’Abdir-Rahmaan bin Naasir as-Si’dee, pp. 68-69.

Imaam Sa’dee and the Shivering Old Man

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Shaikh Abdullah Aqeel said about his Shaikh, Imaam Sa’dee (d. 1956), “An eyewitness mentioned that on a winter’s day with heavy rain, our Shaikh saw an elderly man in the Jaami’ mosque shivering due to the severe cold and wearing worn-out clothes. When our Shaikh saw him in such a state he went behind a pillar so that no one would see him and took off one of his two thawbs, folded it and gave it to the man who then wore it, fended off the cold with it and who then supplicated for him.”

Ash-Shaikh ’Abdur-Rahmaan As-Sa’dee Kamaa ’Araftuhu, p. 18.

Imaam Sa’dee and the Blind Man’s Joke

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Shaikh Abdullah Aqeel said about his Shaikh, Imaam Sa’dee (d. 1956), “He was asked one time at a large gathering about the ruling concerning a person seeing his intended wife before the nikaah so he answered stating that it was permissible and that the Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم had instructed that.  There was a blind man present and so he said, ‘What about us blind people, is it permissible for us to touch since we can’t see?’ So the Shaikh and those present laughed.”

[Imaam Sa’dee was also Shaikh Uthaimeen’s teacher, may Allaah have mercy on them all.]

Ash-Shaikh ’Abdur-Rahmaan As-Sa’dee Kamaa ’Araftuhu, p. 17.

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