“Let’s Pray Here at Home,” So Ibn Baaz Became Silent [Lowering his Head] and then Struck the Floor with his Walking Stick, and said …

February 15, 2014 § Leave a comment

“An ambassador had invited the Shaikh to open his fast with him during Ramadaan, and so he did along with a group of guests. Then when he wanted to pray [maghrib] the host said, ‘We’ll pray in congregation [here] in the house, O Shaikh.’

So Ibn Baaz became silent [lowering his head], and then struck the floor with his walking stick and stood up saying, ‘‘Whoever hears the call and does not come, his prayer is not valid, except for those who have an excuse,’ [Ibn Maajah, Al-Albaani said, ‘Saheeh’] get up and go to the mosque.’

So they stood up, all of them, and prayed in congregation in the mosque.”

Al-Imaam Ibn Baaz, Duroos wa Mawaaqif wa ’Ibar, p. 42.

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