On Overeating and Being Fat and Obese | No. 1: Your Stomach is a Dog

December 18, 2015 § Leave a comment

Maalik ibn Deenaar said, “Your stomach is but a dog. Throw that dog a scrap or the top part of some guava [not even a whole one] to keep it at bay, and don’t make your stomachs containers for the devil, letting Iblees collect in it whatever he wants.”
Al-Joo’ [Hunger], p. 64.

Abu ’Ubaidah al-Khawwaas said, “The worst people are the ones who enter the Fire due to someone else. Your stomach is your dog, keep it away with a bite of food.”
Al-Joo’ [Hunger], p. 63.

See No. 2 here.

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