Ibn Baaz: It Could Be You Next Unless You Help Each Other #Gaza #Palestine

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The Imaam of Ahlus-Sunnah, Ibn Baaz, may Allaah have mercy on him, said, “How can the Muslims remain silent today about what is happening to their brothers in terms of genocide and different types of torture and punishments in numerous places around the world? And let each group and ummah which doesn’t do anything to help its sister nation for the sake of Allaah be aware of the fact that they themselves are on the verge of being struck with a calamity like the affliction that they hear about and see which is tearing apart the limbs of those Muslims—and then they will not find anyone who will come to their aid or do anything to remove the oppression and torment from them.”


Shaikh Hamad al-’Uthmaan: “The Palestinian Muslim People are in a Round Against Zionism, and They Are Oppressed, Victory is Coming with The Aid of Allaah.”

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Shaikh Hamad al-’Uthmaan, may Allaah protect him, said, “The Palestinian Muslim people are in a round against Zionism, and they are oppressed, victory is coming with the Aid of Allaah, Abu Zur’ah ar-Raazi said, ‘Ishaaq ibn Raahooyah wrote to me saying, ‘Don’t let falsehood strike terror into you, for verily falsehood has a round and then disappears.’’” [Al-Jarh wat-Ta’deel, vol. 1, p. 342].


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