Ibn Taymiyyah in Prison

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The student of Ibn Taymiyyah, Imaam Ibn ’Abdul-Haadi, said, “He is the Shaikh, the Rabbaani Imaam, the Imaam of the Imaams, the Mufti of the Ummah, the Scholar of Multiple Fields of Knowledge, the Chief of the Memorisers, the Peerless [Scholar] of His Time, the Master of His Era, the Shaikh of Islaam, the Blessing of Mankind, the Sign of the Time, the Explainer of the Quraan, the Chief of the Ascetics, the Matchless Worshipper, the Subduer of Innovations, the Last of the Mujtahids—Taqiyud-Deen Abul-’Abbaas Ahmad ibn Taymiyyah, ‘He finished reciting the Quraan eighty or eighty one times during the time he was in prison … everyday he would recite three Juzz, finishing [the Quraan] every ten days, thus did his brother Zainud-Deen inform me.’”

Al-’Uqood ad-Durriyah min Manaaqib Shaikhil-Islaam Ibn Taymiyyah, pp. 3 and 290.

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