On Overeating and Being Fat and Obese | No. 10: Ibn Umar’s Wife, Safiyyah, Talking About His Eating Habits

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Ibn ’Umar’s wife, Safiyyah bint Abi ’Ubaid, said, “I can’t say I saw him eat his fill because I never saw him eat until he was full. So when I saw that that was the case I made him something—he used to have two orphans and so he called them and they ate with him. When they got up, I went and brought him something [else to eat], so he said, ‘Call so and so and so and so [i.e., the orphans],’ so I said, ‘They’ve gone to sleep and you’ve already given them their fill.’ So he said, ‘Call some of the People of As-Suffah for me.’ So some poor people were called and ate with him.”

Al-Joo’, p. 58.

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On Overeating and Being Fat and Obese | No. 9: “If You’re Fat, Then …”

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“Al-Hussain ibn ’Abdur-Rahmaan said, ‘One of the scholars said, ‘If you are potbellied, consider yourself an invalid/chronically ill until you become lean.’’”

Al-Joo of Ibn Abid-Dunyaa, p. 73.

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On Overeating and Being Fat and Obese | No. 7: The Companion, Ibn Umar’s Eating Habits رضي الله عنه

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“A man came to Ibn ’Umar and said, ‘Shall I not make some ‘Jawaarshan’ for you?’

So Ibn ’Umar said, ‘And what is, ‘Jawaarshan?’

He said, ‘Something you eat which will make you feel better if you overstuff yourself with food.’

So Ibn ’Umar said, ‘I’ve not eaten my fill for four months—and that isn’t because I don’t have it, but it’s because I met a people who would go hungry one time and satisfy their appetite the next.’”

In another narration, Ibn ’Umar said, “I’ve not eaten my fill since I became a Muslim.”

Al-Joo’, p. 61.

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On Overeating and Being Fat and Obese | No. 6: The Companion’s Son Who Ate Too Much One Night and His Father’s Reaction

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“It was said to [the Companion] Samurah ibn Jundub, may Allaah be pleased with him, ‘Your son spent the night gorged such that he suffered from indigestion.’ So he said, ‘If he had died I wouldn’t have prayed over him.’

Shaikh Taqiyud-Deen said, ‘Namely, because he would have aided in killing himself, and so would be like someone who committed suicide.’”

Al-Aadaab ash-Shar’iyah wal-Manh al-Mar’iyah, vol. 3, p. 196.

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On Overeating and Being Fat and Obese | No. 2: Umar ibn al-Khattaab’s Eating Habits رضي الله عنه

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From Ibn ’Abbaas who used to bring ’Umar ibn al-Khattaab’s food to him, “He used to eat eleven mouthfuls, and then the same amount the next day.”
Kitaab Islaahul-Maal, no. 334.

From Ibn ’Abbaas who said, “I used to bring [Umar] Ibn al-Khattaab’s food to him, so I would count what he ate and it would come to eleven mouthfuls, [after eating them] he would clean his hand and not eat anymore, but they were large morsels/mouthfuls. So I asked the person who would prepare his food, ‘Does the Ameerul-Mu’mineen eat anything else apart from this?’ He said, ‘No, he eats the same amount as this the next day, unless he wants to fast in which case he will have the suhoor meal.’”
Az-Zuhd, no. 241.

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