On the Haughty and Arrogant Khawaarij and Takfiris

October 12, 2015 § Leave a comment

Al-Mu’allimi said, “And the khawaarij were well-spoken, eloquent Arabs, in their tongue was the Quraan revealed, the only reason they fell into their deviancy was out of their ignorance of the Prophetic guidance and their doing away with the need to seek guidance from the scholars of the Companions.

So what do you think the case in this time of ours is, where you find foreigners who can’t even produce a sound Arabic sentence and who aren’t acquainted in the least with the Sunnah and the tafseers of the Salaf, [one of them will go and] delve into Allaah’s verses like someone self-conceited—such that he will look at an aayah and then track the meanings of its words from books on linguistics, based upon which he conjures up a meaning that agrees with his desires, alleging that it is what Allaah meant, and then he will base a new religion and a contrived shari’ah upon that, declaring the Salaf to be misguided and belying the Sunnah, along with other [calamitous] things.”

Aathaar al-Mu’allimi, vol. 19, p. 64.

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