The Sufi Abdullaah at-Tilimsaani and the Most Vile Things He Said About Allaah

September 3, 2012 § 2 Comments

Sulaimaan bin Ali bin Abdullah at-Tilimsaani d. 690AH.  He is highly revered among Sufis.  The Shaikh of Islaam Ibn Taymiyyah said about him, “He used to make all forbidden things lawful.  To such an extent that some of the reliable people reported that he said:

‘The daughter, the mother, all (foreign) women – all of them are one and the same – there is nothing forbidden in that for us.  It is only the ones who are veiled that say that that is haraam.  So we in reply say to them: ‘It is haraam for you (not us).'”

Majmoo’atur-Rasaa’il , 1/184.

This Sufi at-Tilimsaani once passed by a mangy, scabby dead dog on the street whilst he was talking to his companion about Wahdatul-Wujood [the Sufi belief that everything is Allaah and Allaah is everything].  So his companion said to him:

“Is this also the Essence (Dhaat) of Allaah?” pointing to the dead dog.

So at-Tilimsaani replied:

“Yes. Everything is His Essence. There is nothing that is outside His Essence (Dhaat).”

High is Allaah above what the Sufis ascribe to Him!

Majmoo’atur-Rasaa’il  of Ibn Taymiyyah, 145.

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