Ibn Baaz, the Outsider, and the VIP

February 4, 2012 § 2 Comments

Khaalid ibn Hamad as-Sulaimani said, “I remember a gracious stance the Shaikh took towards me one day when I visited him in his office in Riyadh to ask for his opinion about an issue. When I entered his office he started to ask me his usual questions about my name and where I came from, while praising me and my family in a gentle, kind, and plentiful manner, even though he’d never met me personally before that.

While we were talking, one of his aids came and informed him that an important guest from abroad was on his way to give salaam to the Shaikh. So the Shaikh answered him calmly, saying, ‘Okay, when he comes, we are here,’ meaning, ‘I’m not going anywhere [and will be here for the guest inshaa Allaah],’ and what he intended by saying that was to put us questioners [generally and in this instance me] at ease.

After a short while, through the windows of the Shaikh’s office I saw the gates to the outside building opening and the convoy of that important guest arrive.

At that time I had in fact received the complete answer [I needed] from the Shaikh regarding my issue, and I wanted to bid him farewell and thank him and give his eminence the opportunity to prepare to receive his important guest.

But I was surprised when he took hold of my hand and started to ask me, insisting greatly and repeatedly, ‘Have you finished asking about everything concerning your issue?’ Have you got any other questions?’

He wanted to show his concern for me, the questioner who was an outsider, without the arrival of his important guest swaying him–rather the only thing that concerned him was fulfilling the obligation upon him for the Face of Allaah the Mighty and Majestic, Who looks at all of mankind as equals with nothing but actions distinguishing between them.

So the important guest entered the office and the Shaikh was still holding my hand and would not let go fearful that I may have wanted to leave without having asked him everything about my issue because of that guest … and it was there that I kissed his forehead, bid him farewell and asked Allaah to make this stance from amongst his righteous deeds.”

Mawaaqif Mudee’ah, pp. 134-135.

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