The Meaning of the Part of the Witr Supplication on Guidance

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Shaikh ’Uthaimeen, may Allaah have mercy on him, said, “In the Qunut supplication [of al-Witr] when we say, ‘O Allaah! Guide me [along] with those [others] whom You have guided,’ we are asking Allaah تعالى for two types of guidance: that of knowledge and action, just as His Saying تعالى, ‘Guide us to the Straight Path,’ includes two types of guidance, that of [being guided to beneficial] knowledge and [also being guided] to action. So it befits the one reciting [such supplications] to bear in mind that he is asking for both of these types of guidance, that of knowledge and action.”

Sharh Du’aa Qunootil-Witr, p. 7.

Uthaimeen’s Advice to the Imaams Not to Burden the People by Prolonging the Witr Supplication

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Shaikh Uthaimeen, may Allaah have mercy on him, said, “I advise our brothers, the Imaams [who lead the prayers] not to prolong the Qunoot supplication [in witr] to the extent that it is difficult for the people to bear, and they use unusual, rhyming supplications–[whereas] the best speech is short and concise, and it is better that a person does something in the legislated fashion so that the people do not become fed up.”

Fiqhul-Ibaadaat, p. 291.

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