Ibn Baaz and Revenge

February 3, 2012 § 1 Comment

Dr. Naasir ibn Misfir al-Zahraani said, “Some students of knowledge came [to Shaikh Ibn Baaz] and complained about someone to him.  They explained his mistakes [to the Shaikh] and some of the issues in which that person had opposed the Sunnah.  So the Shaikh started to dictate a treatise criticising, advising and directing him; while he was doing so someone said, ‘And he speaks ill of you, O Shaikh, and slanders you.’  So the Shaikh said to the scribe, ‘Stop and leave what you are writing for fear that the people will say that the Shaikh is taking revenge for himself.'”

Mawaaqif Mudee’ah, p. 204.

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