Ibn Baaz and the Weddings—His Veneration of the Prophetic Texts

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“Sa’d ad-Daawood said, ‘His Eminence, the Shaikh came from Taif to Riyadh and we met him at the airport on a Thursday. We then went straight to the mosque so that he could undertake commenting and answering questions after the seminar [that had been held].

When he left the Jaami’, he took out a piece of paper from his pocket. So I read it and found that it was a wedding invitation at a hall that was far away, so I said, ‘O Shaikh! You’re tired and need some rest, so if you would cancel that [wedding] appointment.’ So the Shaikh asked the guards, ‘Do any of you know where the wedding hall is?’’ I was happy that the Shaikh didn’t ask me because I knew where it was. The guards said, ‘We don’t know it.’

The Shaikh said, ‘Sa’d, do you know it?’ I said, ‘Yes.’ So I added, ‘O Shaikh! You’ve just come from a journey and need some rest.’ So he said, ‘What will I say to my Lord when Allaah’s Messenger ﷺ has said, ‘He who is invited to a wedding feast or its like, he should accept it,’ [Muslim], seek Allaah’s Aid [and let’s go].’ So the Shaikh went answering the invitation.’”

[In another incident,] “A man came and said to the Shaikh, ‘O Shaikh ’Abdul-’Aziz!’

‘Yes,’ he replied.

‘You say that a person should or must attend a wedding invitation?’

‘Yes,’ said the Shaikh, ‘as long as it doesn’t have anything sinful there and as long as he doesn’t have any prior engagements.’

The man repeated his question to the Shaikh and so the Shaikh said, ‘You must attend, attend.’

The man said, ‘And if I don’t?’

The Shaikh made it binding upon him and said, ‘Attend.’

He replied, ‘O Shaikh! So if it doesn’t contain any sinning and I am not engaged with a prior appointment, I must attend?’


He said, ‘O Shaikh! I invite you to my son’s wedding tomorrow.’

So the Shaikh asked the person with him [whether he had any prior engagements], and they said, ‘You have no engagements.’

So he said, ‘I will attend inshaa Allaah.’”

Al-Imaam Ibn Baaz, Duroos wa Mawaaqif wa ’Ibar, pp. 41-42.

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