Ibn Baaz Teaching Patience

October 1, 2014 § Leave a comment

“[During Hajj] the Shaikh’s attendants used to be unable to bear the large number of people coming, the confined space, and the fear of embarrassing anyone, suffering severely because of that, since they wanted to accommodate the desire of the Shaikh and his approach in receiving people and not turning any of them away, and between upholding the rights of the delegates coming to see him in that confined space and among those huge numbers.

So if we said to His Eminence, ‘O Shaikh! Everyone wants to do Hajj with you, whether those resident here or those coming from abroad, and you know that the cars aren’t enough and that the area allocated to you isn’t enough,’ he would say, ‘Allaahul-Musta’aan. It’s only for some hours and then everything is over. Have patience, and hope for the reward from Allaaah, be happy about the ample reward, and what do you know—maybe we will not do Hajj after this year of ours, things will soon become easy and everything will end well.’

Jawaanib min Seeratil-Imaam ’Abdul-’Aziz ibn Baaz, p. 100.

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