The Prince, The Priest, The Dog and the Mongolians.

January 15, 2015 § Leave a comment

Ibn Hajar said, “A Mongol prince converted to Christianity and so a group of notable Christians and Mongols went to visit him when one of them started to belittle the Prophet . There was a hunting dog on a leash and when that person started to go on for a while abusing the Prophet, the dog jumped on him and scratched him but they were able to get it off him. Some of those present said, ‘The dog did that because of what you said about Muhammad .’ But he replied, ‘No, it’s a proud dog and when it saw me motioning with my hand it thought I was going to hit it,’ and then he went back to saying what he was saying, at length. And so the dog leapt at him a second time and bit on to his throat pulling it out and causing him to die on the spot, upon seeing that about forty thousand Mongolians embraced Islaam.”

Ad-Durur al-Kaaminah, 4/153.

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