A Brief Biography of Shaikh Muḥammad ʿUzair Shams · Part 1 – Surrounded by Scholars ·

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Felt like putting a bio out on the Shaikh, Allaahul-Musta’aan. Here you go:

“He is Shaikh Muḥammad ʿUzair Shams bin Shams al-Ḥaqq bin Riḍallāh, born on Friday 15th December 1956 in West Bengal where his father had moved in order to teach.

He was raised in a family blessed with knowledge and scholars, his forefathers were known people of knowledge and excellence for eight generations, Shaikh ʿUzair said, “My family roots are in Bihar in north Bengal, my grandfather was a scholar and my father too, likewise almost all of my uncles were as well.”

His maternal grandfather: ʿAbdur-Raḥīm Barbūmī was a well-known scholar and muḥaddith, held in high esteem in his area and among his people. He was a student of the Muḥaddith, the ʿAllāmah, as-Sayyid Nadhīr Ḥussain al-Ḥussainī ad-Dehlawī. He spent his life teaching and calling his people to the truth.

His grandfather: Riḍāʾullāh who passed away in 1941, a well-known scholar who had a great impact on the common folk and the students of knowledge there.

His father: Shamsul-Ḥaqq Salafī, who passed away in 1986, a person of knowledge who used to teach ḥadīth in many madrasahs in India, he took the place of his father after he died taking over his works and responsibilities in daʿwah and teaching in their area. Shaikh ʿUzair studied from him and he was his first Shaikh, “My father graduated from a religious institute called Dārul-ʾUlūm al-Aḥmadiyyah in a city called Darbānjā which is in Bihār, north India. After he graduated he went to a number of different religious institutes and schools there, and he was the Shaikh of Ḥadīth in most of the ones he taught in … he spent his entire life teaching ḥadīth spanning more then fifty-two years. He taught Saḥīḥ Bukhārī more than fifty times and spent most of his time on it. He was entrusted with the responsibility of giving fatwās, he had many fatwās some of which have been published and also some articles and writings but they are limited.”

His uncle: ʿAinul-Ḥaqq Salafī, d. 1982, also from the people of knowledge, Shaikh ʿUzair also studied with him as will be mentioned later. Shaikh ʿUzair said about him, “My uncle was a teacher in Dārul-ʿUlūm al-Aḥmadiyyah, he was a student there and when he graduated he became a teacher there, and taught there for sixty years …”

His mother: the daughter of ʾAbdur-Raḥīm Barbūmī who was just mentioned earlier, he used to be keen on getting his daughters married to people of knowledge just as he was keen on teaching them, he helped his daughter memorise some of the Qurʾān and she studied many books with him at home.

From here Shaikh ʿUzair, may Allaah have mercy on him, started his journey in seeking knowledge, first at the hands of his father, from whom he got his manners and at whose spring he drank during his childhood … his father dedicated himself to him and would teach him and at the same time join him in play and fun, Shaikh ʿUzair said, “My father, may Allaah have mercy on him, would firstly teach me, my mother would too, and then he would play lots of games with me, even now I can remember that I learnt how to swim from him because there was a river next to our city …”

The Shaikh, may Allaah have mercy on him, had something which many people missed out on in our time, namely, the …”

Part 2.


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