Searcheable PDF of the Hans Wehr Dictionary

January 1, 2016 § Leave a comment

Important Update as of July 2022—New Resource for Mobile users: Best Available Lane’s Lexicon and Hans Wehr Mobile Apps [Non-PDF]. Truly awesome resource on your mobile, easily searchable since it’s not a PDF which you have to zoom in and out of like a maniac, you can find it here.


Here is a useful, searchable PDF file of the Hans Wehr Dictionary, you can search both the Arabic and the English, downloadable for offline use, page numbers corresponding to the print version are highlighted in turquoise.

Hans Wehr Searchable PDF.

And see here for an even more impressive resource.

Further resources here.

See here for a Firefox and Chrome add-on that allows you to enlarge Arabic text on websites and choose from a variety of Arabic fonts you’d like to see sites in.

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